What It Takes to Become A Rose

I never uttered how much your sudden withdraw hurt. .

Thought I’d have a forever blessing.
guess not .. still not a curse.

Even thou you pricked me in a long run you fixed me .
You helped me grow.
You let me know

love is something only God can always show.
God is love .
Agape comes from above .

The only man that can love me is a man obeying he .
Thou I was cut down at the scent of Gods love I arose .
No lonqer a child like girl. Now sprouted into a rose.

Felt a lot of pain , that door has closed .
You still have a petal .. it will never fall off .
You still got my heart , just at another angle .. from a far off . . i love you but i’m taking my hurt off .

A new rose , qiven to a new hand .Thanks for a lesson learned , God had a plan . In the flower at the center of the flower left a whole .. to receive a heavenly consolation.

So like James 1:4 said : i let patience do her thing, that I miqht be mature not lacking a thing .Up I will spring God knows everything. Theres a time to break down and a time to build up .
I’m learninq the difference, lord thanks for your touch … & for picking my petals up.

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