Troy University YLF Independent Living Panel

listentotom     On June 6th 2017 I had the pleasure of speaking on the  Alabama YLF camp’s Independent Living Panel at Troy University where the mission is “To enable Alabama’s children and adults with disabilities to achieve their maximum potential.” I arrived on day 3 of the camp where the delegates were obviously focused on Independent Living in every aspect be it school. moving out on there own, career choices etc. and the panel I was a part of was just perfect for this. From left to right the panel was Trisston and Brian Burrows, Timothy Emmons and myself. We each had 10 minutes to share our stories to provoke determination and hope into the delegates and between the Burrow’s stories as individuals as well as their beautiful love story and Timothy Emmond’s story as a hard working man, Father and husband and that of myself I believe the 2017 Delegates were well equipped with the inspiration they needed for their futures. The delegates are made up of Juniors and Seniors in High school and I remember how afraid of the future I was at that age.

        I’m so glad to be able to encourage that they can do whatever “it” is they want to do with their future.  In High school I was afraid of how I’d be judged in the “real world” and trying to figure out which career would be socially acceptable for me to pursue. It wasn’t until I literally took the time to fast and pray and really ask God where He wanted me instead of trying to prove a point. All things work together for the good of them who love him and are the called according to HIS purpose according to Romans 8:28.

whole panel

When I was seventeen years old I was supposed to attend this very camp but was not abled due car trouble and it is so great to finally make it out as a speaker. I can only imagine how much more  positive my outlook on life would have been. I am so grateful that God had His way regardless with myself. However, the delegates have a wonderful opportunity.


While at the event this young lady,by the name of Laura Gray was very inquisitive about the school I attend which is Calhoun Community College. We live in the same city of Huntsville and she will be attendingthis fall, making the first step toward becoming a Counselor this  and I am proud that I can be encouragement and support to her.  I have so much more to do in this city and I have not yet reached my goal to travel to nationals this fall. you can give here.




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