There is no but in beautiful 👑

If you take the time to look through all of my posts through the years you’ll find growth. Growth mentally, emotionally, spiritually to the point where it resonates growth physically. This is something I give God Glory for like you could not imagine. 

You don’t know like I know 🙌😭💃❤👑
   And just as the millions of other women outside of little ole me I’ve struggled. I’ve struggled with my confidence. I’ve struggled with having positive body image. I’ve thought less of myself .. that may be an understatement.  Today isn’t a huge epic event report blog. Today with it being “woman crush Wednesday ” I just want to take time to really reflect on some things. I feel like I’ve expounded on some of those things more than a few times so I won’t again. However, I want to share one Eureka I’ve finally found with in myself that is there is no “but” beautiful.  

For years I’ve taken whispers and bad choice of words to heart. Things like “she can’t walk but she got a face doe. ”  “she’s still pretty.” I could go on buuuut.. let’s not to save us some time eh? 😂

According to the inter of le nets beautiful  is defined as follows 👇

pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.

“beautiful poetry”

of a very high standard; excellent.

  • “the house had been left in beautiful order”

  •   J- 

  • W what we must realize is that we are literally all beautiful. It’s not just something people say to make us feel better about ourselves even if that is very much their intention. We with no  particular gender singled out are pleasing to the senses and are excellent beings. Those places where we are excellent may not be everyone’s cup of tea and that is okay. However,  that does not take away nor add to our excellence. It is not defined by who agrees with it. It is defined by it’s  mere being and it’s creator.  In two days it will make 4 months since I was crowned Ms. Wheelchair Alabama-America 2017 and though I am  considered to now be a role model I am not not oblivious to the fact this is also a growth experience for myself.

  • Trisston Wright Burrows is a truly beautiful woman. She is awesome and it is not me relying because of her defying odds living with her disability but because of her excellence and her confidence as a woman. Her sense of style. Her faith is a beautiful thing and upon meeting she (as the head judge at State pageant and Ms. Wheelchair Alabama 2005 ) and her husband Brian (who was a speaker ) I learned that maybe this whole love thing wasn’t as complicated as others opinions that have become my inner voice had made rhem. They’re great people! 

ChcjdjThe kind of excellence any and everyone could recognize. ❤ we must take the necessary steps to recognize our beauty ourselves because that is what’s most important. Last year I purchased Nick andcKanae Vujicic’s book Love Without Limits and it really helped me to understand that there’s some one acknowledging what comes with a person living with a disability faces when it comes to datindating and finding true love. I feel like the books teaching was reinforced on some level meeting the Burrows. 

My state coordinators Michele Miller ( Ms. Wheelchair Alabama-America 2012) and Joanne Pearson ( Ms. Wheelchair Alabama-America 2010) are excellent women! I remember my first encounter with Michele (middle) inquiring about competing for Ms. Wheelchair Alabama – America 2017 not completely sure if I had what it takes and she had an answer for my every doubt. I am so glad that she did or I would not be where I am today. Ms. Joanne (far right) has also been just as encouraging. They’re both constantly telling me how proud of me they are even when I feel I’m not doing enough while thriving and advocating in their own lives and avenues. This picture was taken at the Magic City Chocolate Challenge on June 22nd in Birmingham  to benefit 

Disability  Rights and resources a non-profit, center for independent living serving Jefferson, Walker, Blount, St. Clair & Shelby counties in Alabama. We provide “the power of hope & freedom”. Disability Rights & Resources is not a residential center. They are an organization that assists individuals in living the life they want as a valued member of our community. Their services are consumer-controlled, so you can direct the services you receive. Anyone who resides in the service area and identifies themselves as a person with a disability is eligible for our FREE services. They serve individuals of all ages with all types of disabilities. Disability Rights & Resources.

s. Dominique Dillard is a licensed counselor and CEO at Speak Life : I Am Greatness 501c3 at which Purity Camp I will be speaking at. This womans story is beautiful. It provides hope and comfort and the fact that she reaches back to youth is definitely excellent.

  • Ms. Shaquila Willie is a phenomenal woman who is not only a loving and hard working Librarian but a God fearing woman who has so much excellence to offer. 

Natasha Jeney is a beautiful woman whom I have met recently on my journey through a mutual good friend of ours. Natasha is a make up artist but she is not only someone able to enhance outer beauty but inner beauty as well as a child of God through her self titled Youtube channel.

Lauder in Parkway Place Mall or check out her website

The moral of the story is were all beautiful in the sight of God and that only sounds cheesy when we are not in our own eyes and allow the word of others to hold a bit too much weight. Not only for us women but for men ascwell. Whether you’re someone’s preference or not is not a huge deal because that simply means that they’re not for you and you’re not for them. This does not have to involve slander, only an understanding. This post is also a sort of ode to my the release of my new book “Sister,  How Are You?” .  This book is a collective  of sisterly  love, poetry, women’s mental health, and affirmation. It is available on amazon and amazon kindle. We have so much in common with others that we deal with alone. Let us celebrate, war, and cry together. To every woman reading this I love you! 

Whitney Ford 

Ma. Wheelchair  Alabama-America 2017

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