The Helper 2/28/10

Theres this thinq we all have to face.
some take it lightly some dont.

Some look for a purpose, many dont.
Lookinq for love in all the wronq places,

True love isnt of here and is only found
In the ones who are not from here
Theres this thinq we all have to face.

Some take it lightly some dont

Those more moved by smiles than riches
The only thing here is hurt, a strong need for
stitches but we can and will make i

there is help, too bad many forsake it
spending time thinking I believe in me
not I. no sir & no ma’am I sure dont
He is not like us, being himself has taught me a

He’s available to us yet many neglect the helper.

cant even trust me.

i look to the hills, onlyto thee

thee great iam,holly of hollies

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