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National Day Of Acceptance

What does it mean to accept things and what does it take? The nation and the world has and will continue to go through many changes and continue to evolve. How do we accept that or should we even do so? Doing inventory on ourselves and accepting the call on our lives and living according to that standard, how do the two mix? do they or don’t they? How far does self acceptance go?

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moving forward after 2016

Days away from the new year let us be ever so careful to take down each lesson we’ve learned and to rid ourselves of things that will become things of the past. Let us dress ourselves in fresh armor and wash clean a face of faith. Let us move on from 2016.

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Naive or Free Spirited?

She gives chances, the merciful type .. she’d want one, right ? She loves from the bottom of her very soul. If she boxes herself up then she would miss out, right ? She illuminates and pours herself out refusing to holdback .. She rerfuses to wonder why and what could’ve been She befriends those…

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