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Will My Spouse Be Like Me?

Hi my name is Whitney Ford and i’m 21 year old Black, Christian, Disabled, Woman and who is learning more and more each day to love herself. I’m not much on too many preferences in that I’ve never really been in a valid full on relationship. The thought gives me anxiety sometimes. That’s not to…

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He Is Your Crutch Too

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The #HeIsMyCrutch movement is my way of coping with the Wiles and trenches that is my life. It’s the discovery of me by me or at least that’s what it started out as . Growing up with Spina Bifida and trying to figure out what is wrong with me physically quickly turned and grew into…

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Freeman’s Story

Throughout my life, I have had to overcome numerous obstacles and trials. Born with Spina Bifida, I have had to face countless surgeries and therapy. From learning to walk by using a walker to being able to walk with forearm crutches. Many things in life that people take for granted are not always accessible for…

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The Helper 2/28/10

Theres this thinq we all have to face. some take it lightly some dont. Some look for a purpose, many dont. Lookinq for love in all the wronq places, True love isnt of here and is only found In the ones who are not from here Theres this thinq we all have to face. Some…

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