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Hey y’all, hey 👋

I know it has been forever and a whole day since you’ve heard anything from yours truly and I kinda apologize. yes, kinda. Before you count how many ways I have you messed up let me explain inter-dependents.

I promised y’all the details on my first flight when I got back from the national Ms. Wheelchair America pageant in Erie, PA  where Sheri Melander Smith was crowned Ms. Wheelchair America 2018 and I met women that will forever have a special guest room in my heart and that WAS definitely a sista’s intentions but I went straight to work once I got home with the Huntsville Writes event put on my bomb sis author, entrepreneur, and poster child for black girl magic Andrea Ball which was my first vending experience for “Sister, How Are You?” which is my first book publication of poetry.



I was blessed to be able to attend A night to Shine in February where I met some awesome young people living with Disabilities put on at First Baptist Church There were guests of highschool ages and up and they all had the time of their lives. I saw an article written against the event where it was said that it was segregating these individuals from society and something that wasn’t needed. In some way I can understand what they were trying to say However, the experience would tell you much different. I originally came as a buddy because I figured what better of a buddy to have than one living with a disability as well especially the at the time reigning Ms. Wheelchair Alabama – America 2017 but I ended up being a floater with a lovely woman by the name of Kim whom I enjoyed so much. I practically became a guest able to experience the same as those registered as guests. I went to my senior prom in High school and let me just say that A Night To Shine was way more lit. NOT because most of my peers were also people who had disabilities of some sort, but it was actually simply a more fun experience haha. I did karaoke, I danced, I took pictures, and I mingled. I wasn’t half as comfortable with myself then,as I am now. Maybe, just maybe if I had experienced something like Tim Tebow’s A Night to Shine at a younger age I would have been. Who knows?  but do y’all see the diversity?🗣

After that event I was invited by my sister from another mister Nikki and her husband Peter to Family Connect Night at The Rock Family Worship Center for parents and parents of children living with disabilities to meet and connect I. HAD. A. BLAST.  and will hopefully go back soon. The event is put on every fourth friday of each month and is so needed! There I met Jennifer who will be sharing her Interdependent Story with us concerning she and her husband’s story as parents of their sweet boys M.J. and Christian who are Cerebral Palsy warriors … And cuties!! 😍😍

From there it was getting pretty close to pageant time so my coordinator we had a meeting for volunteers to plan for the day we’d crown my successor and their I was blessed to meet D’an Harrold and Robin Calloway – Drolet of Model Haven Boutique whom are such loving and empowering women. I count it as a privilege and an honor to know them both.  sadly, I managed to not get one selfie with either smh but there will be time in the future. They helped make March 17, 2018 possible. That was the day Morgan Morrison was crowned Ms. Wheelchair Alabama America 2017 and Shelby Albert was named her 1st runner-up.


Since the end of my reign I’ve been working on marketing my book, resting, looking for new ways to advocate. My platform of Interdependence and ability equality will be something I’ll always carry with me it bleeds out of every area of my person not just being a person living with a disability but being a black woman living with a disability. May23rd will make a year since “Sister, How Are You?” was published which calls for a celebration, maybe even a give away. Details forth coming soon.

Now back to why I’m only kinda sorry for the wait. I’ve been sipping my own tea since the spread of “Sister’ How Are You?” and I’ve been pushing without gas for quite sometime now. Every now and then we get to a place where it’s like OMG I’m here and if I stop what’s gonna happen? I deal with the most anxiety when I’m that way. “OMG what’s my next move?” and that question true enough is needed but so is peace. I had to remind myself of the message I’m sharing. My help comes  from the Lord. He makes all things beautiful in its time according to Ecclesiastes 3:11. There’s a such thing as trying so hard to figure out the physical preparations that you are not mentally nor spiritual prepared for what is to come. I read a meme that said:

“Black women want to stop and cry so bad but there’s stuff to do. 

(It didn’t use the word “stuff”)

It raised a question for me.

Why dont or wont we? It’s quite alright to do so but why have we internally made it a no -no?
Well, I’m sure we all have our own answers. Black women and every woman alike. Maybe we don’t even know how at this point. Isn’t it weird (maybe, its just me) how once you tell something you are insecure about people assume you don’t know you’re beautiful. It’s not the same thing… at least not for me. Maybe there is a connection. In society it’s like you only get to be one way *T.I. voice* I always got generalized as super quiet as a child and so I took that on as who I was. Later I realized everyone is quiet sometime. I’ m not one way, I’m one in a million. So are you sis.. or bro haha!

 sometimes you have to look yourself and say, “sis, it is okay to rest.” 

be unapologetic about rest in your mind soul and spirit. Take sabbaticals. Put your phone on do not disturb and or let it die like I do haha. You’ll be more refreshed to do what God would have you do later. He says whatever you do to do it heartily.


My fearfully and wonderfully made sister, you matter to me. More importantly you matter to the Father. 💕

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