"Ford's "Sister How Are You" publication is a heartfelt piece that individuals from all walks of life including those living with physical disabilities like Ford who is former Ms. Wheelchair Alabama America 2017 can relate to, especially women. Depression is real and sometimes our sisters suffer in silence. This piece will remind you that you are not alone, your loved ones are not alone in while they battle this demon of depression. There are women around the globe just like you who have overcome depression and you can too! Quick and easy read to get your life back on track. Get it!'


"Amazing writing. Extremely relateable and encouraging. A must read!"

"Great read!! I look to it for uplifting words of encouragement. And it really gives a sense of calmness."

" You can read it over and over again!!!!


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"The worst thing about a disABILITY is people see it before they see you." - Easter Seals