Singleism 1/3/11

It seemed so deep , it seems so big .

Gotta have somebody, someone .
Just somebody to love .
He told me “realize i do*

He’ll love you more than any man in this world could  E V E R  do
He cares how you feel, he treasures you ..
Do you love him too ?

HE is that guy that just tells you you’re beautiful because you are
Lets just focus on our REAL love. The only one you gotta please is he who is above you

Give me your undivided attention and about faze the rest
Give me all of you. Give me your very beSt

Seek me FIRST and all your desires will be added .
Love me , lift me up.
Mr .riqht ? i already scoped him out . . .

“wait on me , i’ll qive him to you in the drout
a man like me and for me
Til then dauqhter of Zion , love I andmy Son
I asure you the rest is already done “

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