Self Care Third Person Perspective #TBT

Happy new year interdependents. If you have been a follower of my writings you noticed that the first two pieces to this series are from early last year and that I have rebuilt under a new theme. I have literally craved to finish this series, however, I feel that it was preserved for such a time as this. The photo is a screenshot from my Instagram @heismy_crutch where i announced I’d complete the series tonight in honor of #DayOfAcceptance (see

While I have titled “third person” I will obviously not fully use third person point of view. the movement really got me thinking about acceptance today. how we feel towards ourselves is called “self esteem” yet they a third (a third party outside of self and the Father influence it deeply. Today was a day those of us are a bit of an abstract shake to societies social norms called for acceptance today but they never will if we never do. I brought this discussion to some of my mentees today. I shared how certain things and social norms held me back in the past dealing with my disability and you know what none of those things were based on me. However “they” changed my perception of what I should be. I’m not superstitious but I know that ” “they ” say if you break a mirror you get seven years bad luck. Something I also shared with my children is that im reconsidering my wrong perception and while it is a process i’m rather proud of it.



I’m beautifully broken. Just the other night I was wrestling with thoughts of self hate. They can tell me thats awful but I say I fought back and that is progress. Someday I hope to be not just a mentor mother figure but a biological mother , not just a good shoulder to cry on but a life companion and I dont accept the the thoughts that try to tell me otherwise. “They” is a spirit. the same spirit Jesus told to get behind him when it rose up in Simon Peter. Self Love is a battle for not just me but millions and others are not necessarily the enemy perception is.

It is okay to be beautifully broken as long as you know the heart fixer is faithful. Man Woman Boy girl or suckling child “they” are gonna judge you but its up to you to believe in your innocence and go free.

He Is My Crutch.

Need Prayer?

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