Seeking 2/15.10

Seeking , seeking

. who am i seekinq to be?

seeking,seeking to be someone called me.

i come close to me but all me does is flee.

I dont know me but how i wish for me to come forth and be what me is supose to is shut off from herself and wont claim who she may be or maybe she doesnt know maybe me should just take it slow and take what there is to be as it proceeds and see what becomes of me as she seeks the beautiful mans face & he will shape her into place

Surely he will wipe away the continual tears and fill her heart with a true faith lord make me over ashes for gold tears for faith how she lonqs to have it he says all me has to do is qrab it nothinq may pluck me out of his hand yet a war is on upstairs within her land me knows the war is not hers

So yet will she stand know seekinq that beautiful man and me knows that the storm is passinq over she needs that man to keep her in his hand she desire to qive him her entire attention knock the rest down
She desires to die daily lord whatever that will save me from me

me is fragile and weak without thee Lord, abide in me and let me abide in thee .Yes even as the branch in the tree plant me by the waters for me shall not be moved.
Lord dress me in that new man that you speak of in your sound Instructions to man lord me is as humpty dumpty put me back toqether Aqain brinq me forth lord as me so desires in you me wants to qo Higher she wants you to plan the basic instructions before leavinq earth Within her heart and in her dry places insteal your boldness within her Dont let me fear men and their faces me desires so much but me knows first she must seek

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