Naive or Free Spirited?

She gives chances, the merciful type ..
she’d want one, right ?

She loves from the bottom of her very soul.
If she boxes herself up then she would miss out, right ?

She illuminates and pours herself out
refusing to holdback ..
She rerfuses to wonder why and what could’ve been
She befriends those not proven to be unworthy of the title .
Some prove otherwise but every humanbeing deserves the benefit of the doubt..
Noone deserves to go through life without a friend

While feeling one way
portraying another just to cover them..
Is that wrong? Being kind?
Lending a hand and shining the light of a smile?

..Even when life’s “reciprocity” results in an angry growl
Left with such a sharp pain crawling beneath her skin.
So do we win?
Did she do what is right, or did she surrender and set herself up for an unequal fight?

Walking in knowledge of who the heart mender is , taking the chance and running to him when rent too far..
Are her scars her fault or Is she ata faithful state in her life and in her mind?

Guess she’ll never know til she meets loves final destination but until then her knees , will they keep the scrapings caused by her journey?
Will they remind her how she fought to get there or will they form regret?

She alts between these to opinions yet she has not ended her long journey yet..
Pain in her chest and an ache in her feet
There maybe no comfort but atleast there is peace..

It looks bad now but something way deep inside still believes in that fairytale ..
so she keeps traveling even if she must travel through what feels like hell ..

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