Maureen’s Story

Maureen.pngHello, my name is Maureen. I am a Cerebral Palsy warrior. Also I’m a disability Advocate over all. Now when I was younger I was not very excepting of my disability. I was in denial. I developed CP by being born 3 months early. While being transferred between hospitals was deprived of oxygen which caused my CP.

The type of CP I have is spastic diplegia. Which only affects my legs. This caused me to walk later than most children. I began walking at the age of 4. I went through a lot of surgery when I was younger. To help loosen my stiff muscles. I went to therapy a lot occupational and physical. They help me accomplish all of the goals that I had for myself when I was younger.

I used also a Walker, crutches and AFOs. These tools help me improve my walking a great deal. I’m grateful that my have an amazing support group that supports all the decisions I make. Now I’m very accepting of my disability. I have a Instagram (maureens.Journey_17). My Instagram is over any disability or illness. It could be mental, physical, emotional or invisible. I also have a segment every month that brings awareness to any disability or illness that is celebrated during that month.

The first Friday of each month I do an Instagram live stream to talk about what I have learned about the illness or disability during that month. I’m also interested in becoming a speech pathologist because I want to help other children with disabilities. Become better at goals they have set for themselves. Also tell them understand that even through you are different you will become something amazing and change the world for the better.

Your favorite CP Queen



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