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Hello my name is Maggie Monroe and I am from College Station, Texas. This summer I am currently working at Texas A&M University through the Education department for a program called the PATHS as a Mentor. The Paths program specializes with working with students who have a disability. During the day I assist students with different task that they may need help with or just be an listening ear for them in times of trouble. For example, some students are visual impaired and they may want to go to the store so we would go with them and be a guidance for them. One girl I have assisted is blind there was a time when I walked with her to Taco Bell down the street from campus. A way I helped her was guiding her down the sidewalks and being her eyes towards things she cannot see. This program has taught me that nothing is impossible the word it self says ” Im possible ” .  Growing up I struggled with a disability called dyslexia. Dyslexia is a disability that affects how you read, view words and hear certain sounds of words. Having dyslexia growing involved me having to read slower than my other classmates and having someone come in the class and read to me was embarrassing. Moreover, im attending a Mission training school on July 12th through July 30th with a Mission organization called Youth With A Mission. Youth With A Mission specialize with working with young people and training them to be bold for Christ, teaching them how to take the Gospel to your college campuses. More information about what I will be doing is through this link —>
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