June 10th, 2016

The battle field is a fragile place, like the beautiful glass you place on the top shelf hoping not a blemish comes to it
if it may you spruce up you’ll clean all day.
yet filthy is still…
The battle field is fragile
Treat it as treasure
watch what crosses
It crosses plantinq seeds of imagination and corruption
what is view gives your window?
crawling up like a sly tiger
ppreyinq on a weak vessel
harvesting, changing for better or worse

an unforgetable melody
full of emotion
when will it leave will it leave?
such power
they stir up wrath and they puff up…
open once closed woons and rearrange thouqht patterns
take heart
its the enemy target
its where you decide
he’s qot his finger over the trigger
but the most
He’s bigger

Arms out stretched
Purifying fertilizer
Tranquilizer in the battle field

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