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heismycrutch blogHe Is My Crutch is all about leaning and depending on God through all of our gray areas and rough times.  The bible tells us to cast all of our cares on Him and that the Lord is our portion. However, we still have times where we may not be complete and without weariness in this knowledge.

What Do We Do Then?

Let’s not pretend that we are without emotions and feelings of discouragement. The easiest for these feelings to consume you is for you to pretend they are absent. The enemy loves secrets because when you keep secrets of things ailing you have no  one watch and thus he can pick at the wound continuously without interruption. That’s usually when we end up projecting whatever feelings else where through an outlet that could be alcohol, drugs or what have you to  keep the enemies voice a temporal whisper as much as possible.

All outlets are not as negative and sometimes distracting is okay but must be done in moderation. The picture to the left is one of my many outlets drawing and later a painting. I also like to write out my feelings. One thing I had to learn about these things was though they make me feel better the “letting out ” should definitely not end there.

Our issues should definitely be dealt with head on, This is something easier said than done. These things are I believe necessary to keep peace especially for one dealing with trauma or the heavier things of life. Coping skills are good for us. Let us not forget to challenge assumptions and our emotions as well which can be found in making connection to the father in prayer and in studying the Word of God. all are necessary and work together. Find a Happy place and include the Father the Jopy of the lord is our strength.

This painting was done in honor of the semicolon project!
I want to congratulate my  fellow self hate/self harm over comers to lean on God and celebrate the fact that your life goes on!

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