Eggstravaganza For Special Needs Children


at my first Decatur/Huntsville VR GOOD Advisory Council meeting I met Mr. Willard Brooks whom as of April 10th is  the 2017 Huntsville Madison County Hall of Fame inductee.  Mr. Brooks invited me out to the Eggstravaganza for Special Needs Children on yesterday at the Dublin Park in Madison and it was such a great experience to be able to meet and greet such awesome, bright children and individuals in general.


I was greeted and welcomed upon my arrival by a familiar face, that of the awesome Tami Forwood- Tubell whom is owner and Physical Therapist at Tubell Therapy Services in Madison, Alabama. I arrived about 2 hours early so she gave me the tore of what activities were to come. Tami was at the State pageant where I was crowned Ms. Wheelchair Alabama – America 2017.  So it was great to see her again and have a chance to talk.



And I am so glad that we arrived early because I was not the only one. I met Jen Jen and got to have one on one conversation with her and take pictures. She’s such a sweetheart and I am so glad I met her. She had a wonderful time that she will remember for a long time because she and my sister Brooklyn whom was companion to the event had met before at the Special Olympics threeyears ago  where they were partners. I love how God works in that He made sure that Brooklyn would be there and Jen Jen would see her again. So glad her day was made!

moving foward into the day I greeted our Happy hunters as they arrived. I helped them make arts and crafts and was able to have great conversations with quite a few children who were very smart, kind, people. One of the most importat things for me is to help those with disabilities develop and or cultivate their Positive Self Concept and Efficacy. I hope that today they were encouraged by my presence and conversation and I’m so excited for each of their bright futures.


Claire is a  loving 5 year old beauty whose sweet spirit wil take her far in life.


Drew is a sophmore in High School who I had a great conversation with, He’s very intelligent and has a very bright future!


Richard is such a fun guy! he has a great since of humor and loves Spongebob. This guy is a people person. He wants to be successful and He will be.


Hailey is about to graduate High School and is such a bright young lady not to mention how gorgeous she is! It was so great to meet her and her mother!

meand josie.jpg

Josie is 6 years old Princess living wit CP and has a birthday coming up on April 22nd. Josie has a Facebook page called Josie Smith Art where she sells her art work and uses the proceeds to make her everyday life more accesible. GO like her page!


I am also so pleased that I met  the beautiful Chandler Sheilds ( Miss Tennessee Valley) at the Eggstravaganza for Special Needs Children. I had met her family at my last fundraiser and we planned to meet. What a pleasant suprise. She’s awesome!

All in all these children prove one line of my platform speech to be true .. ” Whether it be my Spina BIfida, another’s Spina Bifida or Another’s Paralysis these are but jots and tittles of our life stories, and they will not be heard by judging books by covers, but by educating others and ourselves to the fact that yes we have our disabilities but we are not our disabilities. ” I know that this event was for these individuals to have their Hunt be accessible for them but it is my prayer that so much more was done.

Thank you so much to the entire Madison City Board Disability Advocate Board for having me. I look forward to seeing you all again in the future.  Also again,  thank you Brooklyn for coming along. I cannot think of any other person to experience such a great occasion with. brookyandi.jpg



I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well. – Psalm 139 : 14


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