Don’t throw away your burden because you’re human (psst.. it’s okay)

All of my life I have heard ” You always Know what to say Whit” and stuff like ” you’re my personal therapist” (go figure I’ll be one soon) and I always seen it as a gift and it is, but what I got all messed up about it for a long time was that it was somehow required of me. I mean ever since I can remember. Eventually this frame of my hurt me. It’s not even that I got big headed because I didn’t and still don’t think too highly than I ought to of myself. However, this mentality can cause one to want to hide their selves and be pretty much almost hypocritical to an extent. This happens out of fear of losing credibility or that people may look down on you.

wfBe careful how you encourage and compliment a person. Never lose sight of the fact that a person can get better or have troubles even if they are “The Guru”.


Know that your gifts are just that GIFTS and that they are not special made to your fleshly make up. Once you come to your understanding that you are just like everyone else with or without your call or position ( job, religion or what have you) Your experiences are only going to add to your tool box to live those things out. Don’t hide from your human ways doing so will hurt . Learn from Paul’s wish to teach and not become a cast away.
we have to learn to lay low without laying down and how to cultivate self without aborting the mission. as I minister to you I minister to myself. #HeIsMyCrutch

So your life seems like a cursed one? Understand your burden is purposed and that it’s going to bring life to others. Don’t cast it off. Instead do take time to cultivate and ubderstand it’s why. Jesus ubderstanding His physical cross reason was What Caused Him to Commit To It. I know I still Get frustrated with my way but everytime a mentee, brother or sister has need of what God put in me I go to work by His strength.

Jeremiah 20 is one text commonly misquoted. He was frustrated with His call. Having to speak things to stiff necked people, being laughed at and it was not written at the beginning of his walk as a prophet it was near the end where it got heavy. What if he had stopped there?


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