Naive or Free Spirited?

She gives chances, the merciful type .. she’d want one, right ? She loves from the bottom of her very soul. If she boxes herself up then she would miss out, right ? She illuminates and pours herself out refusing to holdback .. She rerfuses to wonder why and what could’ve been She befriends those…

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June 10th, 2016

The battle field is a fragile place, like the beautiful glass you place on the top shelf hoping not a blemish comes to it if it may you spruce up you’ll clean all day. yet filthy is still… The battle field is fragile Treat it as treasure watch what crosses It crosses plantinq seeds of…

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The Helper 2/28/10

Theres this thinq we all have to face. some take it lightly some dont. Some look for a purpose, many dont. Lookinq for love in all the wronq places, True love isnt of here and is only found In the ones who are not from here Theres this thinq we all have to face. Some…

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