cerebral palsy awareness

Laura Gray’s Testimony  💓

I met the amazing Laura Gray last month when I was on the Troy YLF Independent Living Panel and she is a delight. We kept in touch and I’m honored to have her share her story with us to encourage us all.

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Eggstravaganza For Special Needs Children

at my first Decatur/Huntsville VR GOOD Advisory Council meeting I met Mr. Willard Brooks whom as of April 10th is  the 2017 Huntsville Madison County Hall of Fame inductee.  Mr. Brooks invited me out to the Eggstravaganza for Special Needs Children on yesterday at the Dublin Park in Madison and it was such a great…

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Maureen’s Story

Hello, my name is Maureen. I am a Cerebral Palsy warrior. Also I’m a disability Advocate over all. Now when I was younger I was not very excepting of my disability. I was in denial. I developed CP by being born 3 months early. While being transferred between hospitals was deprived of oxygen which caused…

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