Born To Shine: A story by Janae Lucas

Hi my name is Janae Lucas and I was born with a learning disability.

After my brother was born the doctor said that my mom couldn’t have anymore children and four years later I was born. So our mom calls us miracle babies because he had heart problems as a baby, and I came along when they said she couldn’t have any more babies so were miracles. A part of my disability is that I am a visual learner so I need to see it to understand it. I can also understand by hearing.

I can watch a movie and hear a song but it’s hard to tell you what I’be read because I may not understand it well. I read very well. I watched a movie called Loving and I can tell you what it’s about but I failed the quiz when I was in school. When I was in school I had accommodations like extra time with tests and with my work.

I graduated this year, Class of 2018. It was a struggle starting school at 3 years old and graduating at 19. Because my birthday is in January I had to wait until I turned 5 to go to school so I just started early. I graduated high school and it was a struggle for me you can graduate too and have your dream come true. I am going to go after my dream. I want to be a writer one day.

I want to write poems, songs, and short stories, and even plays. It will be so nice to get it published someday. So whatever your dream is stick to it because it can come

On true. What I know about faith is if you have Faith the size of grain of a mustard seed that’s all you need.

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