John Davids Story

he is my crutch blogHello, my name is john David owens sr. I currently suffer from PTSD. it has been a struggle since I was about 9 or 10 years old. Being molested changed my life in more was than one. And, who knew that what happened to me would affect my future sins??? The LORD JESUS CHRIST has kept me and held me close. Even when I threw my life away and cheated lied and failed in all my relationship’s, HE WAS THERE. Because I was scared and didn’t open my mouth (even though I was so young) i didn’t know what to do. To this day I feel like I need more prayer than other men, and I feel like I’m not normal. But GOD is a GOD of forgiveness and he is amazing!!! He covers me through thick and thin and I can’t say enough. If you have PTSD, let’s stay connected and strong with and for each other. My e mail is and my twitter handle is @martinACEriggs . remember your forgiven your strong your better and your past can’t hold you back. Walk in love and forgiveness and strive for holiness and GODS truth!!! Be blessed

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