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Do you know that it is possible to create the reality you desire just from having the right thoughts? pressing into positive thinking can be hard to do if you are not able to unpack your thoughts. We want to help you to not just have potential in your life and endeavors but to help you make that potential a reality.


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Without self awareness and accountability...


with self awareness and accountability...,

its okay to ask for help. everyone needs a push sometimes.



(of two or more people or things) dependent on each other.
"the increasingly global nature of human society, with interdependent economies"


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Born To Shine: A story by Janae Lucas

earlier this month I was blessed to participate in the Independent Living Panel for the Alabama Young Leaders Forum at Troy University and after sharing I talked with and met the awesome delegates for this year among which was Janae Lucas. She shared my passion for writing and had been reading about mentors and as a result asked me to be hers. I am honored to love on and pour into this young lady from Niagara Falls, NY who relocated to Montgomery, Alabama. Praise God for that relocation that allowed us to cross paths. This is her Interdependent Story in honor of Learning Disability Week.

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sorry for the wait.

Sorry for the wait. Sometimes pausing is necessary.

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From Fear to Faith – Marshelle Rolle’s Journey With SB

Marshelle Rolle is a 31 year old woman living with Spina Bifida. Her story is how she has changed her outlook on life from that of fear to that of faith.

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"The worst thing about a disABILITY is people see it before they see you." - Easter Seals

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"The worst thing about a disABILITY
is people see it before they see you." - Easter Seals