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What is He Is My Crutch?


He is My Crutchis a faith based non-profit organization and blog founded by 22 yr old Whitney Ford.  He is My Crutch™  exists to encourage individuals with or without physical disabilities  to see shortcomings & brokenness as beautiful while not allowing it to control their lives but to see it as a tool to walk closer with the Father. more


Have a prayer request? A story to share of how God has been good to you?


(of two or more people or things) dependent on each other.
"the increasingly global nature of human society, with interdependent economies"


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Maureen’s Story

Hello, my name is Maureen. I am a Cerebral Palsy warrior. Also I’m a disability Advocate over all. Now when I was younger I was not very excepting of my disability. I was in denial. I developed CP by being born 3 months early. While being transferred between hospitals was deprived of oxygen which caused…

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Something to think about.

Is the way we think what is causing us to said “over think” . How do we change it? What is the model way to a healthy thought pattern. Do we really need to change our way of thinking in our conscious society? Just something to think about on national think day.

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what toweartoday.

National Day Of Acceptance

What does it mean to accept things and what does it take? The nation and the world has and will continue to go through many changes and continue to evolve. How do we accept that or should we even do so? Doing inventory on ourselves and accepting the call on our lives and living according to that standard, how do the two mix? do they or don’t they? How far does self acceptance go?

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"The worst thing about a disABILITY is people see it before they see you." - Easter Seals

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"The worst thing about a disABILITY
is people see it before they see you." - Easter Seals