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What is He Is My Crutch?


He is My Crutchis a faith based non-profit organization and blog founded by 22 yr old Whitney Ford.  He is My Crutch™  exists to encourage individuals with or without physical disabilities  to see shortcomings & brokenness as beautiful while not allowing it to control their lives but to see it as a tool to walk closer with the Father. more


Have a prayer request? A story to share of how God has been good to you?


(of two or more people or things) dependent on each other.
"the increasingly global nature of human society, with interdependent economies"


Recent Posts

There is no but in beautiful 👑

Beauty is not defined by those who agree it is defined by it’s creator and it’s mere being. There is no but in beautiful.

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Troy University YLF Independent Living Panel

     On June 6th 2017 I had the pleasure of speaking on the  Alabama YLF camp’s Independent Living Panel at Troy University where the mission is “To enable Alabama’s children and adults with disabilities to achieve their maximum potential.” I arrived on day 3 of the camp where the delegates were obviously focused on Independent…

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Oscar Mason Summer Reading Kick Off and things to come 💃📚🎤👑🙏

 On Friday June 2nd I had the opportunity to serve yet again the community of Mason Court. This time at the Oscar Mason Library Summer reading kick off put together by the wonderful Ms. Yuki Lewis who is a librarian at the Huntsville Public Library. She left a lovely impression with her passion and care  for each…

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"The worst thing about a disABILITY is people see it before they see you." - Easter Seals

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"The worst thing about a disABILITY
is people see it before they see you." - Easter Seals